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Having tried many of the other “easy ways out” and even other trainers that had failed, I 

was skeptical about starting a new program. Just before starting at Effective Fitness I 

went to a nutritionist to see if there was anything I could be doing differently to help 

with a condition I have that has made the battle to get healthy much more difficult than 

expected. The nutritionist told me to start this lifelong weight loss medication and that 

was when I realized I did not want to take the easy way out anymore and it was the best 

decision I have ever made. Contrary to my last trainer, I feel so much support not just 

from one trainer but everyone at Effective Fitness. I love how comfortable I feel going 

there due to the small class sizes and being able to get to know everyone. The methods 

of training and nutrition are completely different than my previous programs and 

instead of feeling belittled for one little food slip up, one mistake, or a small result and 

feeling like I had to hide these mistakes, it’s a constant mind set of what can we do 

differently, how hard are these changes going to be to do and keep doing over time, 

how do you feel things are working etc. This has been huge for me and it has been the 

most honest program I have ever tried and has been a major reason I have stuck with it 

through periods of trial and error and plan to continue it. I don’t ever feel like I’m on a 

diet or I can’t have something and that’s also been a major positive change than has 

contributed to my success because previously, I felt like I couldn’t have anything 

because one slip would mean extra push-ups or squats during my next session and that 

was not going to work long term for me. As for the fitness, I always thought there were 

exercises I couldn’t do because of my knee problems but can’t really isn’t in my 

vocabulary anymore at Effective Fitness. There have always been modifications and 

other exercises and that has helped me want to push harder each time I’m there to see 

the results I’m seeing. The classes are great and I love that they are changing day to day 

and month to month so they never get repetitive. To anyone considering Effective 

Fitness, stop thinking about it and dive in headfirst. It was the best decision I ever made.




All the trainers at Effective Fitness are soo knowledgeable, patient, and always push you to improve with positive and constructive feedback. EF is better than any other gym I've been to because it's way more individualized, they're always there to help with any 

set-backs, and just super friendly in general! Classes are fun AND give you a great workout and there's never any judgment from trainers or other members. 


-Talia Cortese


 I've used other gyms before, but they're nothing like Effective Fitness. The trainers are friendly, inspiring, and very knowledgeable. They're always very positive, and even when they correct you, they do it in a way that doesn't make you feel dumb for messing up. I like how small the gym is because it feels homey. And you get a sense of being part of a family when you're there. I'm doing my best to spread the word to my friends, and if I had known what it was like sooner I would have become a member sooner.


-Gil Velar


I have been seeing Ashley for personal training pretty consistently for the past 3+ years. I found her through friends when I was in a pretty low place in my life.  I was extremely overweight and depressed.  I had previous knowledge of how to be healthy, but had lost all motivation to work out, and had always viewed weight loss and working out as a huge commitment that required a lot of time and effort, so naturally I procrastinated.  As I began visiting her gym a couple times a week, she armed me with the tools to be successful with this weight loss journey that I was embarking on.... again.  I learned so much more than I had known about nutrition, and working out.  I learned that you don't need to be in the gym for 2 hours every day in order to see results.  That it was actually better to only work out for short periods of time at a high intensity, and that eating was quite easy.  She gave me recipes that were easy and fun, and tips to help curb cravings.  I soon became obsessed, and over the next few months, lost about 40 pounds.  Since then, I have been through significant life changes where I could have and in the past most certainly would have regained all of my weight and fallen off of the "wagon” Though, through the past few years, I haven't kept up with my eating/working out as consistently and dedicated as I would have liked, but because of Ashley's persistence and expertise I still have not ever gone back to the depressed, overweight life that I was so used to living.  I also know that it would only take 1 month of becoming more committed to the program that she provides, to lose at least 5% body fat, and get back on track.  I owe Ashley for making my life better, happier, more confident, and for also becoming a dear friend to me.  I've referred everyone I know to her over the years, and every single person has seen amazing results.  I recommend her to anyone ever looking to make a life change.  Oh also, I am a hairdresser with a likelihood of developing carpel tunnel, which I was convinced that I was.  Ashley began rolling my muscles and tendons throughout my arm with a lacrosse ball, and in no time, my "carpel tunnel" had completely diminished.  I seriously have her to thank for my overall happiness in health.  Thank you.


Aubree Hill


I have had the opportunity to work with Ashley Greene as a personal trainer for the past 2 months.  Having worked with several personal trainers in the past, I have found Ashley to possess many of the qualities that are sorely missing in the majority of personal 

trainers that I have encountered.  I have found Ashley to be very knowledgeable, responsible and enthusiastic.  Ashley is well trained and understands the importance of form in the prevention of injury. I believe that her knowledge level allows her to be able to train all ages, genders and previous fitness levels.  This knowledge level also allows Ashley to “keep things interesting” and boredom does not become an issue.


For me personally, exercise is a primary source of stress relief, allows for maintenance of strength and flexibility, and helps me to continue to participate in group sports that I enjoy (without injury). With a busy schedule, however, it is easy to forget that exercise 

should be a priority.   Working with a good and reliable personal trainer does help keep me “accountable” for several training sessions each week.  I have found that this sense of responsibility and reliability is not always an attribute of the personal trainers I have worked with in the past.


Again, personally, exercise does provide a physical and psychological “boost” that helps me through busy days.  In a sense, a 1-hour training session can take the place of several hours with a masseuse, physical therapist, chiropractor, and/or psychotherapist.  

Therefore, personal training, in my opinion, is certainly worth the investment in time 

and finances.


For anyone out there considering personal training, I would highly recommend that you contact Ashley Greene. I can recommend her without reservation.


Tom Pousti, M.D.

Ashley Greene is a Master trainer. I have worked with many trainers and Ashley is operating at a much higher level. She brings humor, inspiration and sheer devotion to her time with me. I’ve never felt like I was just working out. I felt like I was improving as a person. I felt heard, cared about and motivated by her. During our work-outs, 30 minutes goes by like 1 minute.  Training with Ashley is fun, informative, and she makes me feel like I can do anything. Then weeks later, my weight is lower, my strength is higher and I feel and look better!  Don’t get me wrong, the next day after a work-out I FEEL it in my muscles, but it’s that great sore feeling you get when you know you’ve earned it! 

If you want to change the way you look and FEEL pretty much overnight, and in a way that feels effortless train with Ashley Greene! You will give yourself the greatest gift you could receive. 


Thank you Ashley! 

Aline Rozok

Age 46


I started going to effective fitness 3 weeks ago, let me just say it's been the best decision I've made in a long time. Not only are the trainers very knowledgeable, but they 

motivate you. I have only been there for a short time, but they make you feel like family. I wasn't in the best shape when I started, but three weeks later I am not only stronger than I have ever been, I also have never felt better. In the past, I would given up after a week or so. At Effective Fitness, I don't want to give up. I am motivated and ready every time I walk in the door. The trainers work around what works for you. If you have some restriction, they will work with you. I will say it again, deciding to be a part of Effective Fitness was one the best decisions of my life.


Vivian Rendon

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