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Our facility is located in the La Mesa hills off Lake Murray Boulevard.

With over 2400 square feet of space, we have a full range of equipment. Utilizing weights, TRX ropes, sprinting sled, treadmills, bands, kettlebells, medicine balls and weighted ropes, we aim to achieve a level of fitness knowing that not one shape, fits all.

               ABOUT US


We take pride in serving our clients, while providing excellent service.

How do we know?


Our customers rave about us.


And the numbers don't lie.

Whether you are an endurance athlete, busy mom, need to shed a few tummy pounds, firm up or just want to feel healthy again, we will tailor a program just to you. 


Together, we create changes that are not only long-term; but life- long. Working alongside world industry leaders, our trainers have in-depth knowledge of the newest and most innovative approaches to fitness.


Each trainer holds a degree and multiple nationally accredited certifications.


No rookies.


There is no guesswork in our approach.


We use pure, unfiltered science to produce the most efficient and measurable results.

Constantly seeking new information and implementing it into our programs, we have the 'freshest' approach to fitness.


-Effective Fitness Team








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